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Nuke Em Batch Lab Reports

Flying Skull’s Nuke Em® Now Tested for Contaminates

Some of the professional growers are now required to have their produce tested to make sure that it is not contaminated with unlawful pesticides and over-populations of yeast, mold or aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Flying Skull will now subject the concentrated Nuke Em® pesticide to the same rigorous lab testing.

Nuke Em® will be tested for 59 adverse chemicals along with yeast, mold and bacteria that could fail state laboratory testing.

Every batch of Nuke Em® formulated will have a batch number. Each commercial size bottle (quart size and larger) will have the corresponding batch number on the bottle. Every batch will be sent in for testing and the lab results will be posted on the Flying Skull website. Customers will be able to access the lab tests with a QR code app on their smart phone. The QR code will direct to the lab result webpage. While these measures are very expensive, it shows our customers that Flying Skull is not adding adverse and possibly cancer-causing ingredients to our formula. In other words, the product is what we say it is and our efficacy is based on our natural formula only.

How to read the tests

Regarding the adverse chemical testing, you will see a pass or fail associated with a chemical name; this is the most important part of the lab testing. Nuke Em® is required to pass each test so you will see a PASS on the same line as the chemical name. Less important is the limit of how much of that chemical can be found on the plant material before failing (Limit) and the lowest amount of that specific chemical the equipment can test for (LOQ).

Regarding yeast, mold and bacteria, you will see them tested by measuring cfu/g (Colony Forming Units per Gram). Yeast, mold and bacteria start to grow by forming colonies and it is these colonies that the laboratory counts. Nuke Em® passes Flying Skull’s rigorous testing when less than one colony forming unit per gram is found. Less than one cfu/g (<1 cfu/g) is basically saying there are no organisms or less than the lab equipment can find.

Note: Anaerobic bacteria is shown as Anaerobic Plate Count and aerobic bacteria is shown as APC.

Batch NumberBacterial Lab TestPesticidal Lab Tests
174101AClick to view report for this batchClick to view report for this batch
17201AClick to view report for this batchClick to view report for this batch
19-008865Click to view report for this batchClick to view report for this batch
19-012467Click to view report for this batchClick to view report for this batch
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