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8 oz Z7 Enzyme Cleanser (MI010)

8 oz Z7 Enzyme Cleanser
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What is Z7?

Z7 is the biggest technology breakthrough in the last 50 years for growers and the plants they love!

Z7 is a super concentrated, two-part, commercial enzymatic cleanser. For best results, use Z7 at every watering or feeding; Field growers should apply Z7 whenever possible to keep pipes and drippers from clogging.

Z7 is super concentrated and economical for indoor and commercial growers; It costs only 2.5 cents per gallon of nutrient treated (calculated on the MSRP). A one gallon set of Z7 treats 7,570 gallons of nutrient.

Why do you need Z7?

Other cleansing products that contain Enzymes, Hydrogen Peroxide, Colloidal Silver or whitening products may not do the job that Zdoes. Many growers pay for multiple products and still don’t see the improvement in properly cleansed pipes, tanks, sprayers and drippers that Z7 can do all by itself!

Cleanse your plants and equipment with the new Z7 Technology

No other enzyme cleansing product on the face of the earth can compete with Z7 when comparing cost savings for growers and plant growth performance. We have not had a single customer complaint after they used Z7; even those using the worst well and irrigation pipes and tanks. Z7 helps you keep money in your pocket to spend on other things.

  • Helps to eliminate the need for dangerous, Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide products.
  • Helps to eliminate plant death from plugged sprayers and drip irrigation
  • Helps to keep irrigation equipment and pumps clean and working properly
  • Helps to reduce maintenance costs and reduce energy costs by keeping equipment clean
  • Helps to reduce labor costs
  • Helps to reduce water usage
  • Z7 is skin contact safe

We get so many questions regarding the cost of Z7 compared to other products. Z7 is applied at ½ mL per gallon of water. Z7 is many times stronger than other enzyme type cleansing products.

No other enzyme cleanser on the face of this earth can compete with Z7 when comparing cost savings. Z7 keeps money in your pocket by keeping your equipment and your plants cleansed while they are growing!

Did you know that stand-alone enzyme cleansing products can cost up to 30 times more to use than Z7? Most enzyme products are so expensive that most growers can't afford to use them. Z7 cost as little as 2.5 cents (MSRP) to treat a gallon of water. How can you beat that!

Why shouldn't you use sanitizing or sterilizing chemicals to cleanse pipes and tanks?

Most of these types of chemicals can hurt the semi-permeable membrane of the root where osmosis takes place.

System Cleanser:

Z7 helps to keep hydroponic roots, piping, sprayers, tubes, and tanks cleansed while the plants are growing! Z7 will reduce many hours of cleansing between harvests and in most cases eliminate taking the hydroponic or irrigation systems apart. This will reduce downtime, reduce labor costs and help minimize the replacement of foggers, tubes, pipes, sprayers, drippers, and pumps. The reduction of plant death due to clogged drippers, tubes and sprayers will pay for using Z7. All the other benefits of Z7 is free and money in the pocket.

Z7 is not a sanitizer, sterilizer or cleaner designed to kill bacteria. It will not harm living things when used as directed.


Z7 is compatible with any hydroponic plant food (organic or chemical).


The set of 8-ounce bottles will treat 473 gallons of nutrient or water.
The set of 16-ounce bottles will treat 946 gallons of nutrient or water.
The set of 32-ounce (quart) bottles will treat 1,892 gallons of nutrient or water.
The set of 1 Gallon bottles will treat 7,570 gallons of nutrient or water.
The set of 2.5-gallon bottles will treat 18,925 gallons of nutrient or water.
The set of 5-gallon buckets will treat 37,850 gallons of nutrient or water.

Use the guide below to determine dosage for your tank size. Add together tank sizes to determine your needs. Shake the bottle thoroughly before dosing.

1/2 cc/mL per Part A and 1/2 cc/mL per gallon Part B for every gallon of nutrient solution.

5-gallon nutrient tank: Use 1/2 teaspoon Part A and 1/2 teaspoon part B
10-gallon nutrient tank: Use 1 teaspoon Part A and 1 teaspoon part B
15-gallon nutrient tank: Use 1.5 teaspoons Part A and 1.5 teaspoons part B
20-gallon nutrient tank: Use 2 teaspoons Part A and 2 teaspoons part B
50-gallon nutrient tank: Use 5 teaspoons Part A and 5 teaspoons part B

5 Stars
Not only does this do an EXCELLENT job of cleaning and maintaining deep water systems, but the effect on the plants is dramatic. I strongly recommend this product for deep water and hydro. Stronger healthier plants, consistently.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 5/8/2013
5 Stars
Cleared water and roots
Z7 was recommended by a local grow store as an alternative to a competitive product. I started using it and it seemed like it was working well, however one day I put a few drops in a vase I have on my kitchen windowsill that has some spearmint growing in it. I have had the spearmint in there since last summer and have only added water since. Needless to say the roots were pretty dark and dank. Two DAYS after adding Z7 the whole vase was CLEAR and the roots TOTALLY clean! It looked as if they were brand new plants! And since then the mint has stopped dropping leaves and looks much healthier. Not that these plants matter that much but as a display of how effective the Z7 product is, I was amazed.
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Reviewed by:  on 3/22/2016
5 Stars
Skeptic turned believer
This stuff is awesome! It increased my yields from 30-50%, dramatically increased the growth rate (allowing for a shorter grow time) and, as a word of caution, will decrease the amount of fertilizer needed because it helps the plant uptake what you give it more efficiently! This product has helped me more than anything I've used in my decades of growing, totally worth the nominal price.
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Reviewed by:  on 5/20/2013
5 Stars
Z7 or stay left in the past!!!!
This product is a must. I had stressed my plants out majorly and lost hope when the owner of Urban Gardens in Columbia SC told me about Z7. I had been fighting drain flys. The Z7 made my plants get new roots, I'm not talking about plain roots. These roots were white and looked so healthy. 5 stars no z7 needs 10.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 10/8/2013
5 Stars
Works great in soil
My growers were always over watering. No more yelling to get them to stop. With Z7 it doesn't matter any more. Great stuff and it's freakin cheap!Thanks I owe you one.
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Reviewed by:  on 1/31/2013
5 Stars
Great companion for Aquabuckets DWC Systems
After the extensive testing of Flying Skull's Z7 product for several months in Aquabuckets DWC (Deep Water Culture) hydroponic systems and Clonebucket cloning systems, we are pleased to announce it is approved for sale on clonebucket.com. We are including Z7 in every hydro system and cloning bucket we manufacture to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our hydro systems no matter what kind of nasty water they use. We've used all of the additives on the market but nothing comes close to Z7 in performance. Z7 makes roots grow beautiful and strong, like nothing we've ever seen! Add Z7 to your hydro system after adding fertilizers and your proper pH target has been achieved. Z7 is an excellent pH stabilizer and is a must have product for all hydro systems. Use Z7 as a hydroponic system and root cleanser; keeping sludge, slime, microscopic particulate and unwanted bacteria from growing in Aquabuckets DWC systems. Z7 eliminates the need for toxic and dangerous products like H2O2 cleaning between cycles. A great product that is inexpensive and does exactly what they claim! You can purchase it at www.clonebucket.com. Hydro West Manufacturers of Quality Hydroponic Systems Come take a look
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 1/30/2013
5 Stars
I have been using the Z7 for 6 months now with no bug problems and all my plants are looking good! I grow in soil and I will keep using this product.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 9/13/2013
5 Stars
It is different and revolutionary!
My name is Rick Armstrong and I found out about Z7 from Jeremy at the Big Tomato. I've been doing RDWC for 6 years. I've used Pith Off, Great White, lots of H2O2, Zone, and at first Roots Excellurator (big mistake). I've never had as awesome roots as I do now that I use Z7. It's actually almost unbelievable. Where has Flying Skull been all this time. I am your biggest fan and spokesperson. I have been trying to convince my friends to try it but they believe that it's really not different and revolutionary like you stated. It is different and revolutionary! For DWC it is an absolute must. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can't thank you enough. You have saved me countless dollars in nutrients, don't need as much or as many. And the most in time, I don't need to tear down between grows and the PH needs to be checked much less frequently. I can't say enough about Z7.
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Reviewed by:  on 1/6/2014
5 Stars
First roots in SIX DAYS!
When setting up my cloner, I corrected for pH, added superthrive B1, followed by the z7. The plants are currently in soil and are very very happy.Six days in we had the first roots, eight days in and almost every plant had many roots that averaged two inches. We left a few in just to see what would happen, two weeks total and they had 12 roots with hundreds of barbs. Those are also very happy.I will use this product every single time I fire up my cloner from here on out.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 3/14/2013
5 Stars
I love this product! I don't have to spend as much time cleansing or worry about root rot. This product is a permanent fixture in my grow room. I also use the cal-mag, it is the best I've used. I can't wait till more products come out.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 2/7/2013
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