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You guys are either magicians or scientists! Or maybe both! I thought it was all over when suddenly I had broad mites. Nothing that wasn't toxic as hell would kill them -- and I wasn't going to go toxic! Then a buddy told me about Nuke Em, I tried it and it killed them all (in their trillions). And with NO poisons, just food-grade organics.

The next season, although the mite problem was solved, I (my plant, actually) got a root disease and went leaves up overnight. So this season I bought Z7. I have had NO diseases at all, period. I'm still spraying Nuke Em preventatively. No broad mites. No spider mites (I got some on my pole Romano beans. One spray and they were gone. And no powdery mildew either. I can hardly believe how great Nuke Em is!

My plants were all healthy, but some were lagging behind and not putting out flowers. Not so good. So I bought some On Schedule and used it and it's like they shook themselves awake, looked around, saw everyone else flowering and got down to it! Very impressive!

Finally, I decided to try your Essential Flora Extract. And my plants did produce a lot of that EFE -- and without the 3-week flush period some other products require. Makes my life SO much easier when a storm's a-brewin' and it's raining, with winds up to 35 mph. Like right now.

So, what do you think? Will I be using your products for my next garden? You betcha! Thanks! -NorCal Gardener

Best I've ever seen. I can't believe the growth; I had no idea what I was missing! Thank you so much from everyone in my family!! -John

Best kit available! The Elite starter kit is the most comprehensive package available anywhere at any price. It includes everything you need to grow, flower, propagate, and protect your investment. It is the only kit anywhere to include complete protection from all pests on your plant and, even in the soil! The Nuke Em includes protection from the dreaded mildews and fungi that can devastate your crop quickly. Your delicate clones are completely protected from wilt, mites, and mildews via the clone guard. It creates a barrier of protection that will have you cloning with 100% success rate, in no time at all. The Z7 Enzyme Cleanser is my personal favorite. It keeps your roots white and clean, while eliminating the slime that prevents your roots from absorbing nutes. The Z7 works great with the Flora Extract to remove chlorine and condition your water. The On Schedule will help you better judge when it's time to harvest. Your harvest will be done on time, every time. Lastly it includes top quality 3 part fertilizer that you can customize any way you want. And no, I don't work for these guys. -Wizdumb

No problem competing with my competition, they have to keep up with me now! And I consistently blow them away. I just can't believe how good they look! -Ken

As a chemist I have always struggled with paying exorbitant amounts of money for products that all contain NPK and are all made from the same ingredients. Switching to powdered based nutrients is daunting at first, but Flying Skull products are such high quality they dissolve instantly and leave no salt residue. I use spray mist systems just as FS recommends and my misters never clog. In addition there is no better feeling than picking up a quart of liquid additive and seeing the recommended dose is 1/2 ml per gallon. It's amazing how long this stuff lasts! -Russell

I have been gardening indoors for over ten years. I have always had fair performance from the plant products I used from the beginning. HOWEVER, a Grandson informed me of these products. I started with Elite small package and saw results I had a really hard time believing within three weeks. I have since ordered the Large package. My plants now look like the photos on the PC. I have recommended these products to several friends and have no intention of changing products. THANK YOU FLYING SKULL!! -Larry

I have been an indoor gardener for years. I have had multiple little issues with the promise that if I use one more $50-$200 additive it would fix the problem. None of those companies can explain why or how it works, they just want to move products. We just want something to work. There's a reason I found Flying Skull, and there's a reason you did. This line of food is based on science not gimmick. All of your pink stems, curled leaves, bug issues, mold issues, and just common growing issues that seem to have gardeners chasing their tails are fixed. This program also helps to explains why you have those issues and why Flying Skull solves them. When you see your plants growth potential at 100% and you are consistent with your harvest you will see just how happy your garden and you can be. This stuff and the inventor of it are one of a kind. If you follow the constant feed manual and the feed program you will be amazed. Congratulations to you if you use this product. -Jon

We have to say that Flying Skull and the inventor are most amazing, and as down to earth as you can get. They let the plant tell you what it wants! If you want real quality you have found it here. -Organic Friendly Farms

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Cal Mag eXtreme Reviews

Works great and costs less! What's not to like about this Cal Mag. Plants look great so far. I am using the Z7 also. Plants look better than they have for a long time. -Bob

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Clone Guard Reviews

AMAZING! Always had an average of 2 weeks until I would have hardy roots. I had roots on my cuttings in 1 week and within 2 weeks they were soooooo strong. I use the entire Flying Skull line and continue to be blown away by the results. If you try this product you will not be disappointed. The results I got were INSANE thank you Flying Skull. -Jon

Had my doubts if anything could help me take clones. I used to be good at it then nothing would work. I went from 25% weak clones to 100% hardy clones. From now on I will always use Clone Guard. -Tarri

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Nuke Em Reviews

In Oregon you can grow 4 mj plants per household. Every year I tried growing in the garden my plants kept getting infested, trying neem and soap etc. until I used FS Nuke em. It flat out works. My neighbor is growing one plant this year and although huge and bushy it started getting spots and curled leaves. We sprayed his plant right before dark and 4 days later it looks so much better. No new spots or canoe leaves. If you want to nuke those bugs from your plants and know its still gonna be ok to consume this stuff is the ticket.-Ricky

Have now used this product for 3 years on my indoor and outdoor plants. Works wonders. Plants I thought I was going to lose due to disease or pests have come back strong.-Kathy S

so glad you guys got the specs/science down for killing off my 2 spotted mites and their horde!- Ahr K

After exhausting all other possible means, methods and products available to control or eradicate Russet mites, rust mites, spider mites, Fungus gnats, white-flies & Thrips(BIG TIME)along with some of the pathogens and or plant diseases these insects vector, It became too frustrating for me, all those hours all that money on supplements and supplies, dragging heavy bags of this and heavy jugs of that, mixing all that soil-less stuff to yet attain only a soil-less medium. I figured I would just quit all growing and seed production.

Shortly thereafter, I talked to the owner of THE local grow store telling him about my decision to stop growing as I was tired of "Swimming Upstream."

He suggested "Nuke Em" because he was having similar issues (as well as thousands of other growers from Ca., Ore.& Wa.). He didn't mention anything about the "Z7"! Okay, I thought "what can I lose, a few hours and a couple hundred bucks ?"

The day came when I didn't have to wait anymore, It was here, the godsend of "INSECT BATTLE, Nuke Em! I used Z7 as instructed and flushed really well to hydrate all containers. I applied a STRONG solution 3 times allowing it to completely dry between applications and also added "Spread Coat" to the spray mix. After two days ALL plants were completely changed (swear to God) I couldn't believe my eyes. I have never stopped using Nuke Em and Z7 and still use them to this day its an absolute MUST in growing. Nuke Em Works, Tell the world that there is hope now, and it's name is NUKE EM !

I recommend at least Z7 at every watering as it keeps plants roots healthy hence the plant stays healthy and produces at its optimum potential.

This is my real opinion and experience with the Flying Skull products line.

Thank You Flying Skull your products saved me from shutting down and made my life a HAPPIER place.>

Note: I do not and never will use poisons or dangerous chemicals in my garden and Nuke Em is completely safe with no poisons or dangerous chemicals.

FYI- Between Endomopathogenic Fungus, beneficial soil bacteria and Flying Skull products we can all be confident growers with positive outlooks and outcomes.-Neil D

I don't usually do this but I had to write and thank you for your exemplary product. We had broad mites in our garden and it was seriously detrimental to our production, we tried competitor products with no results and moved on to nuke em and we have seen amazing improvement. I tell everyone in the industries to use your product, and will continue to support and use your amazing spray.-Dean K

100% works. Great product. Nuke Em works very good as a preventive spray as well. -greenthumbsmcgee

Absolutely The BEST! Have been using the product for about 6 weeks and absolutely love it. I now us it as a preventative spray every three days. This is a MUST for any serious gardener. -CO Gardener

Broad Mites Exterminated! I almost thought my garden was doomed when I discovered the microscopic Broad Mite infested on all 48 of my indoor plants. I panicked, nearly was about to throw everything in the trash and sterilize the grow room. Instead, I was turned on to Nuke Em by a local store employee who suggested I try Nuke Em, even in the flowering stage. So, I agreed because I wanted to test it out and see what it would do. Couldn't hurt, since I had little choice and refused to infect my flowers with chemicals such as Avid or Forbid. Well, Nuke Em is 100% on, as I went at my garden full force, like I was at war with the Broad Mite. I did 3 consecutive sprays back to back, in a 24 hour day, which took almost 24 hours to accomplish. Then I waited 3 days, and sprayed the plants from top to bottom once again. Another 3 days went by and I applied the final application. All sprays were at the regular level dose, but I did a total of 5 sprayings over a 7 day period, and those beasts were sent back to the underworld...gone, completely. I also took the advantage and sprayed my entire grow room from ceiling to floor, 3 times as well. I needed to purchase the 1 gallon jug which is concentrated for 32 gallons of insecticide. Everyone I know will now be referred to Nuke Em because the Broad Mites are becoming an increasingly difficult problem lately. Many people I know are either scraping their gardens or using chemical bombs and no one wants that. You may experience some leaf curling or lower leaf burnage, but nothing comparable to what it would be if you had not used Nuke Em. This is a true savior for the green thumb. -xcorpion1984

Made all the difference in our gardens. Thank you for such a reliable safe product we can count on. -weefarms

Nuke Em did the trick on russet and spider mites! One heavy dose, not two, just one did it and I had them bad! I waited one hour and checked it out with a 40x loop and no movement at all! Best product I have ever used! I plan on this being my start to finish spray and won't have to worry about any bugs again! Try this and you will see what your going to be doing right! No luck just a great spray! -Bruce B

I brought a pepper plant in for the winter and found it infested with little white insects. They spread to my seedlings pepper plants. I originally purchased another insecticide. It was so poisonous that we couldn't use it in our home. Received a sample of Nuke Em and wow! It works great. Even on my seedlings and in my home. Will never use anything else. By far the best I have ever tried. -Rod

I've done the same thing as many people, use all sorts of products to get rid of my pests. The wife is still here, but the mites are totally gone! Used it 3 times in 9 days, boom, nothing there anymore. Now once a week. No powdery mildew, no bugs. -Norm

I've been fighting mites for 2 years!!! I have tried everything.....I mean everything. I spent a lot of money too, more than I care to add up. They just kept coming back in my 2-3 week of flowering. Every crop, eventually. I can finally say I don't have mites anymore! It damaged some leaves, but I should have raised the lights more and washed the plants off the following day. BUT, 3 applications 3 days apart- and months later.....still no mites. I will always have this on my shelf, just in case. You should too. -SSHZ

This is the best pest/fungus killer I have ever used! I was skeptical, but it has proven time and time again in indoor/outdoor and even saved gardens badly infested in flower with no taste/smell in final product and I really like the fact you can use it in your house around kids and pets too. -Dr. D

No More Broadmites! Did my three applications on the same day. Made sure my plants were flushed really well before spraying. No more broad mites. Didn't hurt my buds! Thanks for a great product. -BudsAlive

I use Nuke Em to control spider mites, powdery mildew and bud rot. It works great and now I have an organic solution that WORKS! -Michael

I had a spider mite infestation 4 weeks into flower and used Nuke Em and it eradicated them. The Nuke Em was undetectable in the finished product. I now use it weekly and wont go without. As far as I know this is the only all in one product that both kills and prevents insects and powdery mildew. -Ace

We have provided IPM (Integrated Pest Management) services here in the Willamette Valley since 1989, with a focus on providing native beneficial insects as a primary control rather than the alternative of using chemical insecticides and pesticides. Naturally, we have encountered sites that had severe infestations where there was simply no other choice than to use a chemical solution to knock back the infestation. Being totally opposed to using chemicals of any sort, you can imagine my delight when we finally found a product that was made from totally food grade materials. After receiving our first order of Nuke Em, we immediately provided samples to several of our clients that have had ongoing white fly, broad mite, spider mite, root aphid, etc, infestation problems. Although there have been a couple of hiccups with regards to leaf curl, which is easily remedied, this is the most effective product I have used, and several clients that have had serious infestations year after years are simply amazed at the results. -Dave at Everwood Farms

I just wanted to let you know I received the UPS box today and used the Nuke Em right away and I just wanted to let you know how blown away I am with its results. In Florida there has been a serious invasion of a series of white flies that originate in Brazil that have been tremendously invasive and highly immune to every store bought on and offline product I've tried. The agricultural community here holds tech clinics to teach the various invasive techniques being used to control them. Unnaturally of course. What an awesome product. It killed them all except for a hand full here and there. Unbelievable. The cure is already in nature.Without reservation, I would nominate Nuke Em as Product of the Year. -Rafael

After ten years of growing indoors I can honestly say that this product has the potential to drastically improve and dramatically simplify the way I garden, and therefore my life. Four years ago, tired of the ineffective pest solutions commonly available to indoor growers, I made the decision to employ full-blown translaminar rotational pesticides such as Avid, Floramite, and Procure to combat mites and powdery mildew in my gardens. For those of us who have experience with these types of chemicals and the headaches that come with them(careful scheduling of application and rotation to avoid resistance in mites and residue in produce, respirators, protective suits, and concerns about the health and safety of pets and loved ones to name just a few), I am happy to report that we can now replace our war chests with a single, effective, non-toxic product in NUKE EM. After discovering that resistant mites had slipped past quarantine and infested my cloner, and looking for a less expensive and safer alternative, I decided to try NUKE EM on the recommendation of a trusted friend. Once the product had effectively eradicated the mites on my clones, I was faced with the question of what to do with my juvenile plants that had been recently sprayed with Avid. Being cautious of potential negative interactions, I tested NUKE EM on a single plant that had been treated with Avid 24 hours prior. After three days I was very pleased to find that no negative effects had been observed, and that the plant continued to grow vigorously with no signs of toxicity or stress. After treating the remaining plants I am even happier to report that I have seen no further damage or evidence of mites since the initial and secondary applications of NUKE EM. Immensely more so in that I can apply subsequent treatments with the peace of mind that comes with a non-toxic effective solution. I would and will gladly recommend NUKE EM over any miticide that I know to be available. Emergency showers and plastic suits are a thing of the past. Flying Skull has my undying gratitude and appreciation for the time and research that went into developing such an amazing product. -Adam

We were facing TOTAL DISASTER -- every plant infected with HRMs - the dreaded hemp russet mite that sends some desperate folks to using toxic pesticides. We just couldn't do that! Then a kindly neighbor actually gave us some Nuke Em and lo and behold, those HRMs were gone and our garden was saved. This stuff is an organic miracle. Oh -- and did I mention that the PM went away too? I'm back for more. Thank you, creators of Nuke Em! -Grandma

Finally a company has made a single product that replaces the need for multiple products. If you're like me you probably use a knock down spray that kills mites and bugs on contact. Then you use another that is a systemic and one that coats the leaves for extended protection. Then you use another spray to get rid of or to prevent mildew & bud rot. You also keep another product on hand to get rid of the fungus gnats if they appear. Or just Nuke Em! Now I just use one product and it replaces the need for three to five other products. Save your money and save your sanity. This amazing product really works.- wizdumb

I've been using your products and getting excellent results. I grow cannabis and am a legal Caregiver here in Maine. I LOVE Flying Skull Nuke Em and told several growers about it and they love it too. Wiped out mites fast!!!-Andrea I T

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On Schedule Reviews

My garden was going along fine, until early August, when only a few of my girls were moving on to the next stage. The others were enjoying all the good food and drinks, but not maturing. So I tried (with some cynicism) your On Schedule. What a surprise. A couple of days later I walked toward my garden and some sweet perfume wafted in my direction! And those lagging girls were starting to pump out flowers. Frankly, I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't doing the feeding myself and if I didn't see it with my own eyes. Many thanks!-Shannon

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Z7 Reviews

Been growing for 10+ years and was just about to give up. I had root issues , brown dying roots. All the clones I would buy would soon die. I got the enzyme 2 part z7 and my indoor garden is kicking ass now!!! Amazing product that works as advertised which is very hard to find nowadays in this sea of bottles with claims......your shit WORKS! -Michael W

I wanted to take a quick break from my work in the garden to say a big THANK YOU for Z7! I've been using it on my transplants for only a week now, but boy, does it work. Almost immediately after I began moving my plants from pots to ground, a long, very hot, very untimely heat wave struck. All my plants are coming through like champs, and I credit Z7! They're not just surviving, they're thriving. They're upright and sturdy, with their bright green leaves reaching up for more sun, MORE sun. This is in distinct contrast to earlier years, when they drooped, didn't take off quickly, and had to be shaded from both wind and sun. I'll continue using Z7 throughout the growing season, and am expecting to see great things. Many thanks for your scientific/botanical expertise in bringing this wonderful product to needy farmers like me. -Grandma Shannon

Amazing! I love this product! I don't have to spend as much time cleansing or worry about root rot. This product is a permanent fixture in my grow room. I also use the cal-mag, it is the best I've used. I can't wait till more products come out. -Jaramie

Awesome Product. Just what my plants needed. Used in an outdoor hydroponics set-up with rising outdoor temperatures that kept the roots in danger. Struggled for weeks with H202 trying to keep the root zone healthy. My hydroponics retailer suggested Z7 and I took a chance. WOW!! What a difference. Vigorous growth despite high reservoir temps. Roots look great and the root masses filled the reservoirs to the point that I had to untangle the roots from around my air stones. The roots wanted to grow everywhere. -Mike

Cleared water and roots. Z7 was recommended by a local grow store as an alternative to a competitive product. I started using it and it seemed like it was working well, however one day I put a few drops in a vase I have on my kitchen windowsill that has some spearmint growing in it. I have had the spearmint in there since last summer and have only added water since. Needless to say the roots were pretty dark and dank. Two DAYS after adding Z7 the whole vase was CLEAR and the roots TOTALLY clean! It looked as if they were brand new plants! And since then the mint has stopped dropping leaves and looks much healthier. Not that these plants matter that much but as a display of how effective the Z7 product is, I was amazed. -Ron R.

I was not sure if there was anything I could do to save one of our gardens. Not only did it stop the fungus problem but only a week and two watering later they are fully back. The plants that were not sick have never looked better. We are now using this in all of are rooms. Must have product for all gardens! -K-Collective

After the extensive testing of Flying Skull's Z7 product for several months in Aquabuckets DWC (Deep Water Culture) hydroponic systems and Clonebucket cloning systems, we are pleased to announce it is being including Z7 in every hydro system and cloning bucket we manufacture to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our hydro systems no matter what kind of nasty water they use. We've used all of the additives on the market but nothing comes close to Z7 in performance. Z7 makes roots grow beautiful and strong, like nothing we've ever seen! Add Z7 to your hydro system after adding fertilizers and your proper pH target has been achieved. Z7 is an excellent pH stabilizer and is a must have product for all hydro systems. Use Z7 as a hydroponic system and root cleanser; keeping sludge, slime, microscopic particulate and unwanted bacteria from growing in Aquabuckets DWC systems. Z7 eliminates the need for toxic and dangerous products like H2O2 cleaning between cycles. A great product that is inexpensive and does exactly what they claim! -Hydro West

I've been doing RDWC for 6 years. I've used Pith Off, Great White, lots of H2O2, Zone, and at first Roots Excellurator (big mistake). I've never had as awesome roots as I do now that I use Z7. It's actually almost unbelievable. Where has Flying Skull been all this time. I am your biggest fan and spokesperson. For DWC it is an absolute must. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can't thank you enough. You have saved me countless dollars in nutrients, don't need as much or as many. And most of the time, I don't need to tear down between grows and the pH needs to be checked much less frequently. I can't say enough about Z7. -Rick A

This stuff is awesome! It increased my yields 30-50%, dramatically increased the growth rate (allowing for a shorter grow time) and, as a word of caution, will decrease the amount of fertilizer needed because it helps the plant uptake what you give it more efficiently! This product has helped me more than anything I've used in my decades of growing, totally worth the nominal price. -Beth

As an outdoor grower I have to carry every gallon of water for my plants. When the stream dries up I use pond water and the plants grow like crap. After adding Z7 to my water the plants grow and produce so much better that they blow me away! Using it again this year for sure. -Dog

Even though I seem to stay on the cynical side, received a sample and so trying to remain indifferent ran in (nft) aeroponics from cut; no rot, roots appeared in less than 2weeks, Ran another without and experienced same ole' rot no root growth, changed rez' added Z7 less than 24hr; rot faded from black to grey with roots fibering -ogenius

Wow, I followed the directions and after my plants were done with the cloning stage I used Z7 religiously and the results are amazing! Comparatively our last crop when we didn't use Z7, we used other products for growing doesn't even compare our babies are growing 2-3 times the rate. They are beautiful with no signs of: discoloring, drooping, stunted growth, curling, purple stems etc.. And I can't believe how cost effective this stuff is! The store I buy all of my growing equipment/nutrients and soils from gave me two small bottles (part 1 and 2) trial size for free because of some issues our last crop had and it lasted forever and it costs so little compared to the other stuff we have used with priceless results. I cannot say enough good things about this product!!! -Christine

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