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8 oz Rx10 (MI5000)

8 oz Rx10
8 oz Rx10
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Spray Rx10 on leaves before you spray on other products. By simply keeping the leaves cleansed, you may eliminate the need for toxic insecticides. Many insects are attracted to neglected and sick plants. Plants get sick when they do not have the wind and cleansing rain to dislodge dirt, oils and dead cells from the openings of the plant's air passages.

Rx10 plant wash has been formulated to enhance the looks of a plant by simply keeping it as cleansed as possible without waxy, soapy or detergent buildup. Rx10 dislodges any wax, dirt, grease, grime, soap, detergent, fertilizer or plant treatment that builds up on leaves and stems.

Rx10’s deep down cleaning action makes your plant stand out from other plants because the plants true color shines through. A glowingly healthy plant is always considered first for ribbons at any plant show. Rx10 uses no oils, soaps, detergents or wax in its formula so you never have to worry about toxic build up on your show plant.

Great for vegetables. You are what you eat!


Rx10 is made from all food grade ingredients so vegetable gardeners can trust Rx10 to help keep animal waste, acid rain and atmospheric fallout from contaminating food crops without fear of toxic chemicals drying on food. Keep your plants Rx10 clean!

Do not spray on top of or mix with insecticides formulated with Pyrethrins.

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