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8 oz Flora Extract (FS111)

8 oz Flora Extract
8 oz Flora Extract
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Essential Flora Extract is a highly soluble, concentrated (1/4 mL per gallon) and naturally steeped additive derived from land and sea plants. As with all Flying Skull products, great care has been taken to make sure that the chemistry behind Essential Flora Extract will work without causing any adverse chemical reaction with any other Flying Skull product. Essential Flora Extract has been successfully used in all hydroponic systems including Deep Water Culture without a negative impact to the plants delicate root system. Essential Flora Extract will benefit all plants no matter what water supplies are being used.

5 Stars
Sweet Smelling Petunias
Early this summer I found I had a little bit of Essential Flora Extract left over from my 2017 garden. I decided in an impulsive moment to use it on my container petunias, which were looking scrawny and bedraggled. Within a few days they were transformed into beautiful lush plants carrying too many flowers to count. I am most surprised because suddenly they are rich with lovely perfume. I enjoy their aroma so much I always find a reason to stop and pinch off old blooms, so I can enjoy their sweet smell. In the past, I rarely noticed any smell at all. Another marked change is that their colors are much more intense and bright. And finally, they are simply more vital and alive and are spilling over the edges of their pots with rich and glorious abandon. EFE does the same with my high value plants, so I am never without it.
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Reviewed by:  on 8/29/2018
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