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1 lb Elite Bloom (Case of 6) (FS220-case)

1 lb Elite Bloom (Case of 6)
1 lb Elite Bloom (Case of 6)
  • Makes up to 440 gallons of nutrient.
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To start using the Flying Skull plant food line you will need these 5 basics products: Elite Micro, Elite Grow, Elite Bloom, Z7 and Essential Flora Extract.

Note: We recommend the use of On Schedule for true enhanced production. Those growers who include the On Schedule are very happy they added it to their application regiment. We also recommend the use of our USB (Ultimate Seaweed Blend) at ¼ to ½ ml per gallon of water. While both On Schedule and USB are not absolutely necessary to use to get great results, they are definitely worth the expense to use them. For growers looking for that special edge in the market, they will absolutely bring out the best in the plants genetics.

The Flying Skull Elite plant food line is a highly soluble nutrient. It was formulated to deliver high quality soluble nutrients to plants at lower EC/PPM levels (you use 2-3 times less than other brands). While formulated for production growing areas the Elite line of nutrients do very well for hobby growers too! True lab quality growth in production areas can be achieved when using top feed to waste grow systems and Flying Skull's ECWAM method of nutrient administration.

There are three parts that comprise the basic formula: Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom. In most cases the grower will find that by simply following the feeding schedule, plant growth will be excellent. However, the way in which these three formulas were created gives the grower the ability to easily modify the basic formula for his particular plants.

The basic three part formula (Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom) is non organic and is particulate free. This is important to growers who use hydroponic systems like Deep Water Culture, since inanimate slime (stemming from organic particulate) is the leading cause of plant death and system failure in these systems. All of the other products are used at very low doses because of their ultra-strength. Each product has is very low particulate when used at recommended rates.

It is how you modify the amounts of Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom that pushes your plants from vegetation growth into bloom growth. This concept keeps the grower from having to purchase multiple products that virtually do the same thing. In other words, Flying Skull is formulated in such a manner that it costs less to obtain superior plant growth and consistent harvests.

All three parts of the main plant food (Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom) are used in the first week or two of plant growth. While the plants are in vegetation mode the extra phosphorous and potassium from the Elite Bloom invigorates the roots and pushes them into growing strong. 7- 14 days after being placed into the vegetation area, Elite Bloom is removed from the feed and only Elite Micro and Elite Grow are used.

A week before switching to the bloom 12/12 lighting cycle, all three plant foods (Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom) are used again. The extra phosphorous and potassium helps to build enhanced bud and blooms. As you can see, you can do a lot with only three main plant foods!

In the last week of flowering and into harvest, only Z7 and Essential Flora Extract are used.

How much nutrient does it make?

1 pound of Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom will make up to 220 gallons of nutrient for large, full-sun plants and twice that amount for shade plants like lettuce. Use Z7, Essential Flora Extract and On Schedule for enhanced and consistent growth rates.

Only increase the strength of the nutrient if you are absolutely sure you need to. Leaf abnormalities like tip burn, leaf curl, very dark green, necrotic margins and a leather like feel can be attributed to over feeding by either having the nutrient too strong initially or nutrient has built up in the root zone

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