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Why we Formulated the Spread Coat Wetting Agent

Posted on 1/3/2018

Plants and insects have something in common, they both shed water to stay dry. This shedding of water makes it difficult to get liquid pesticides to stick to insects. If the pesticide doesn’t come into full contact with the pest, the pest will be hard if not impossible to kill.

While most pesticides have surfactant in their formula, sometimes it’s not enough. Spread Coat was formulated to answer the needs of those growers whose plants and pests have a waxier than normal coating. In some cases, less pesticide was said to have been used to get the same results, simply because the pesticide was better able to contact the insect.

Try using Spread Coat when you use our Nuke Em pesticide. Do a side by side test and decide for yourself whether you need an added surfactant or not. Spread Coat comes in smaller sizes for you to use. Ask your local store if they have a sample of Spread Coat for you to try.

Spread Coat is a natural Organic formula. It is listed by OMRI as an organic product. All our testing has proven to us that you will be very happy with your purchase.

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