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OMRI Organic Listing Reinstated for Nuke Em

Posted on 5/4/2018

Flying Skull wants to thank all its customers who continue to support us. We have good news! As of May 4th, 2018, Nuke Em has been listed by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). This is our second listing for Nuke Em. A while back, Flying Skull contacted OMRI and let them know that we intended to add an ingredient that we thought would disqualify Nuke Em from its Organic status. It was at that time we voluntarily withdrew the OMRI listing.

After withdrawing Nuke Em’s OMRI listing we hired a consulting firm to help us understand, what we consider to be, overly complicated rules and regulations. We have come to understand that the ingredient that we thought would disqualify Nuke Em from Organic status is in fact permissible under USDA Organic rules and regulations.

We apologize to all for our misunderstanding of the USDA Organic rules; we were simply trying to be honest and forthright. Doing the correct thing for the right reason is very important to us. To this end, we will continue to make sure that our ingredient suppliers are held to the highest standards by having each Nuke Em batch laboratory tested before it is bottled. This testing verifies that Nuke Em is free of 59 adverse chemicals and chemical compounds along with yeast, bacteria and mold. To identify which chemicals we test for, simply click here and look at the lab tests. http://www.flyingskull.net/Nuke-Em-Batch-Lab-Reports.html

Once again, thank you for your continued support of Nuke Em, the best Organic Pesticide on the market today!

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