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Kansas State University Study

Nuke em Kills Hard to Kill Citrus Mealy Bug

The following study was done on Citrus Mealy Bugs by Kansas State University, Department of Entomology.

The Citrus Mealy Bug is a very hard to kill insect and has been described asresilient, tough, invulnerable, tenacious and adaptable”. The study was to help find new insecticides on the market and test their efficacy on the Citrus Mealy Bug. Nuke em accomplished a 60% kill rate against the Citrus Mealy Bug using the lowest strength listed on the label. A 60% kill rate is extraordinarily good considering  the insect tested and the application of Nuke em’s lowest dose! The study implies that more testing should be done to determine the dose and application modifications needed for a 100% kill. It is also important to note that over a year had passed from the date the Nuke em bottle was delivered to Kansas State University and the date it was sprayed on the Citrus Mealy Bugs. This also helps to show that Nuke em’s shelf life is excellent for an organic insecticide/fungicide.

Nuke em is a revolutionary insecticide/fungicide manufactured by Flying Skull Plant Products. Nuke em  is OMRI listed, made from food grade ingredients and has been formulated to adhere to the strict rules and regulations set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency. Nuke em is skin contact friendly for humans and animals, and is also plant growth friendly as it contains no petroleum, oils, detergent or soap that can clog stomata or cover light sensitive leaf cells.

Click here to read the full Kansas State University report.

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