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How can I best use the On Schedule product?

The newer upgrade formula of On Schedule (offered 03.15.2016) can be used as both leaf feed and root feed. I would suggest that you use them both. The leaf feed at 10-15 ml’s per quart and the root feed at 1/16 to 1/8 ml per gallon of root feed. Beta test at ¼ ml per gallon for optimum flower set and development but as usual, keep a close on flower development to make sure you aren’t over doing it for the strain you’re growing.

If you have decided that there is little chance for powdery mildew from spraying on your leaves use the leaf method. Start 10 days before you place your plants into the 12/12 light cycle, spray once a day. Once you are in the 12/12 cycle continue for 4 more days.  After that you can add the root feed at the lower strength. Increase the strength if you feel the plant can handle the higher dose. Discontinue the On Schedule two weeks from harvest.

If you are not going to leaf feed you can start the root feed 10 days before you place your plants into the 12/12 light cycle. Use a dosage of 1/16 to 1/8 ml per gallon of feed. Increase the strength if you feel the plant can handle the higher dose. Discontinue the On Schedule two weeks from harvest.

How long can I keep On Schedule after it has been mixed for spraying?

On Schedule is an organic product but it is not registered with OMRI. On Schedule is classified as a natural product with little preservatives in its formula.

Mix up only as much On Schedule as you will need for your application. Use what you have in 8-12 hours. 

Will On Schedule make my produce taste or smell different?

The word ‘different’ is relative to what is and should be. We have not had any reported problems in this area, although after using On Schedule your plants will smell exactly how they're supposed to smell and that very well may be different to what you’re used to. On Schedule has many natural ingredients that enhance the plants growth so that the smell and taste will match the plants genetic characteristics.

How do I know if I’m using too much ON Schedule?

Make sure you have checked the root zone to match ECWAM and Redman’s Rules and check the dosage and recipe of the feed. Overfeeding will give the same signs as using too much On Schedule. Once you know that the root zone is not the problem, look to leaves that have minor curl, twist or abnormality. These signs are rare but you may see them in BETA testing where you push your plant strain to the limit. In house Beta testing is very important to assure yourself that you are getting the most from your plants.

Should I discontinue using Z7 when I start adding On Schedule to the feed?

No, keep using it. Z7 really helps to break the On Schedule down to very small particles that the plant can bring in. Besides that, you still need to cleanse the root system of inanimate slime and unwanted organic particulate to continually keep osmosis at its highest point. 

The On Schedule color has changed, why?

The upgrade formula of On Schedule is a much more densely rich brown, almost black to the eye. The older formula was a reddish brown, much less dense in viscosity. The newer formula was being Beta tested before the original formula was released. Large scale growers need concentrated products to be economically successful and Flying Skull delivered big time with the new upgrade formula of On Schedule. The new formula can be used in both leaf feed and root feed. The older formula could only be used as a leaf feed. So to answer your question without further foundation, it is a darker color mostly because it is far more concentrated. 

Why should I use the On Schedule?

The On Schedule was formulated to do two distinct things.

1: Push the plant into flower at will. This is important if you are an outdoor grower and adverse weather patterns show a probable short fall and the risk of powdery mildew in a damp environment. Indoor growers will see a reduction of time to get bud set and speed up development. This can take as much as two weeks off of a grow cycle.

2: Increase the flower size, flower count and oil production. Once you use On Schedule you will never not use it.

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