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1 Quart Clone Guard (MI018)

1 Quart Clone Guard
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What is a Clone or Cutting?

It might be best to understand what a Clone or Cutting is not. Technically speaking, a cutting or clone is not a plant. Yep, that’s right, it’s not a plant. How is that you say? Look at it this way, when you mow your lawn and the basket is full, one must dump the clippings. A clipping, cutting, or clone is a dead portion of the plant it came from. A clipping is dead in the sense that it does not have the capacity to produce or sustain life. Therefore, a clone is a dead piece of the plant we are trying to bring to life. It remains a clone until it sprouts roots and has the ability to sustain life on its own. Only when the roots have formed and begin to bring in water and minerals can the clone be called a plant.

Clone Guard helps to bring dead plant material to life. One of the prerequisites of the dead plant materials is that it must have a leaf or leaves to initiate photosynthesis. It is the leaves that Clone Guard covers, and by doing so, it helps to prevent water loss from the plant leaves.

Consistent cloning provides a great start for consistent gardens.

For growers looking for more consistency in the cloning process, Clone Guard should be on the shelf ready to use at a moment’s notice. Growers must ensure that the cloning process will be a complete success. A strong and healthy clone ensures the grower that the genetic potential of the future plant can be achieved.

Clone Guard Locks in Water!

Clone Guard locks in water molecules from escaping through the leaves. This helps prevent the clone from wilting. Water retention in the clone’s leaves and stems is critical to getting the plant off to a proper start. Clone Guard allows the leaf to breathe but not to lose excessive amounts of water. This allows the clone to retain high levels of moisture in the leaf and prevent it from wilting.

In most cases, Clone Guard is so good at restricting water from leaving the leaf that it allows the grower to reduce the use of humidity domes on rooting trays. Humidity domes, doing what they do best, retaining humidity are responsible for most Powdery Mildew cases on clones.

Consistent cloning provides a great start for consistent gardens.

For growers looking for more consistency in the cloning process, Clone Guard is a must-have product. Growers must ensure that the cloning process is a complete success.

5 Stars
Always had an average of 2 weeks until I would have hardy roots. I had roots on my cuttings in 1 week and within 2 weeks they were soooooo strong. I use the flying skull line and continue to be blown away by the results. Gordon is a genius and if you follow his very simple rules your garden will be more than you had ever thought it could be. If you try this product you will not be disappointed. The results I got were INSANE thank you Flying Skull. TRY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 4/24/2014
5 Stars
Wow very nice
Had my doubts if anything could help me take clones. I used to be good at it then nothing would work. I went from 25% weak clones to 100% hardy clones. From now on I will always use Clone Guard.
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Reviewed by:  on 7/31/2012
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