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Bionix #5 (SO905)

Bionix #5
Bionix #5
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Bionix #5 is a superior triple-washed coconut and Perlite based growing media for laboratory and professionally controlled growth environments. It delivers the optimum air to water ratio that is ultra-important to professional growers. Like Bionix #4 it has a Mycorrhizae and bacteria package formulated into it. RX 90 is a Microbial blend that is simply outstanding in its performance and ability to colonize roots and colony forming units (CFU’s). Highly recommended for bulletproof performance!

As with all coconut-based growing mediums, the use of a calcium product must be administered prior to planting. The reason behind this is coco has sodium chloride naturally impregnated into its fibers from where and how it was grown and processed. This sodium chloride can’t be simply rinsed out of the fibers, it must be stripped from the fibers. The sodium is a positively charged cation and to dislodge it, one must apply a double positively charged cation. This is where calcium comes into play. Cal Mag is a good source of calcium and works very well but one can also use calcium nitrate to dislodge the sodium.

The process of stripping the sodium is quite simple. Add the soluble calcium to water and then apply it to the coco. Wait at least an hour, longer if possible, and rinse the coco thoroughly with clear water. Now the coco is ready to be used. Dosage is usually

What are the consequences from not rinsing coco products before use? Plants will tend to have slow growth; pH fluctuations may occur, and leaves will show signs of deformation. Should this happen, simply flush the coco with Cal Mag or Calcium Nitrate and rinse thoroughly with water. It will take a few days for the plants to return to normal. 

Dosages for soluble calcium is as follows:

Cal Mag (preferred) Liquid ½ tsp per gallon of water, Dry ¼ tsp per gallon of water.

Calcium Nitrate Dry ¼ tsp per gallon of water.

1.5 cu. ft. bag

5 Stars
bionix 5
Great product nice and light with microbes added which for me is a huge bonus. ..was using tupur by royal gold im officially switching!! Much love!!
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Reviewed by:  on 12/15/2015
5 Stars
It's cheap! and works well. My plants love it. The microbes make my roots happy too. thanks
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Reviewed by:  on 11/25/2012
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