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Exclusive Plant Food Territories

Flying Skull is now offering exclusive retail store territories for the Elite Plant Food line.

We have had great success with our plant food line. It was formulated around our ECWAM method of feeding. The ECWAM (electrical conductivity waste analyzing method) method of analyzing feed positions the grower to achieve laboratory growth in a production setting. Lab reports show many large scale facilities in Washington, Oregon, California, Connecticut, Minnesota, Arizona and Colorado turning out consistently high numbers.

Consistency of harvest allows companies to brand their products and insure stable market distribution, price and customer following.

Only serious retailers interested in teaching their customers the latest and proper growing techniques need apply.

To be able to compete with large mainstream corporations, Flying Skull Plant Products has developed the ECWAM method of plant food application. It is an outstanding feeding technique that matches the plants ability to bring in water and nutrients. The retailer must be able to have staff on payroll that can help teach customers the science and botany behind how their plants bring in water and nutrients as well as why they don’t. This knowledge greatly increases the growers harvest quantities and qualities. Our 502 growers in the State of Washington consistently have the highest lab numbers in the state and their competitors are scratching their heads wondering how they do it.

Flying Skull Plant Food is of the highest quality and is formulated to work with ECWAM.

Flying Skull formulated the plant food for use with ECWAM although the nutrient line works extremely well in soil, soilless, NFT and Flood and Drain growing systems. It is also an excellent choice for deep water culture. The full line includes all of the necessary base nutrients and additives needed to grow the finest plants in the world. They are outstanding and many of them are highly concentrated using as little as ¼ ml per gallon of solution. All of the parts work together so there is no need for the use of other brands.

By using the Flying Skull Plant Food line exclusively, the growers will see a huge increase in consistency, quantity and quality. Consistency is the backbone of all successful corporations.

Exclusive area around the retail establishment.

Flying Skull will grant an area of exclusivity around the retail establishments that carry the plant food line. This area is determined by an agreement between the retailer and Flying Skull Plant Products.

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