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Beta Testing

What is a Flying Skull Beta Tester?

We are working on new products all the time. We have several formulas that have just come out of the lab and we think they will be real game changers.

We use the term “Beta Tester” to describe those growers or institutions who use our products pre-distribution.

Our new formulas have been tested to a degree in our and other associate facilities, but we would like to get them into grower’s hands where different environmental conditions could affect efficacy. In other words, we need to get some valuable feedback from you!

Why is Beta Testing important to Flying Skull?

Even though Flying Skull puts a lot of time and money into research and development, it isn’t easy to compete against the cheap and nasty chemical formulas. Flying Skull manufactures new products that are not only kind to the environment but kind to people. We need people like you to help us replace old style products that damage the environment and hurt people.

How does the program work?

It’s simple. Once you are accepted in the Beta Tester Program (BTP), you will receive product(s) to use. You will then start to use the BTP formulas. Included will be a form with a few questions on it. You will fill it out expressing your observations and opinions. We give you product for free, you use it and give us feedback. We do not pay our Beta Testers for their time or effort. It is a simple trade of our product and knowledge for your time and effort. You get to use products that are not yet on the market.

How do I start?

Fill out the Beta Tester Program Participation Form below and submit it. We get the form and look it over. If everything looks good, we give you a call and talk about what you do and don’t know. During the conversation we will go over some science, botany and horticulture with an emphasis on the root zone. When done we will ask you if you can employ some of our proven techniques that allow you to grow laboratory plants in a production setting with rock solid consistency. If you can employ our proven techniques, then we can get some quality feedback from you.

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