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2.5 Gallon Cal Mag eXtreme (FS1161)

2.5 Gallon Cal Mag eXtreme
2.5 Gallon Cal Mag eXtreme
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The need for Calcium and Magnesium in bloom is great. While being classified as micro-nutrients, calcium and magnesium are just as important as NPK. We have added Iron and Vitamin B-1 to help magnesium’s role play with phosphorous. Flying Skull will always be trying to find better ways for the master gardener to better his crop and continue to manufacture only the finest formulations for plant growth and insect/fungus control.

Use Cal-Mag eXtreme as a leaf feed to correct leaf curl. Leaf curl or leaf deformation can occur after an application of soil or foliar fed plant food, pesticide or fungicide. To do this, add Cal-Mag eXtreme to water until you have added 200 PPM/0.4 EC. Flush the growing media with Cal-Mag eXtreme until the runoff matches the EC/PPM of the flush. Add Z7 to the water before adding the Cal-Mag eXtreme. When feeding the soil make sure the EC / PPM of the fertilizer feed match the runoff from the pot. This is critically important to maintain the proper osmotic transfer of minerals and water into the roots. Use an EC/PPM meter to make the match.

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